Non-Stop Projects

 2012 was a remarkable year for the Youth Orchestra since it launched one of its most successfull concert series entitled "Non Stop". This unprecedented project pursued the aim of engaging youth in classical music and fostering their interest towards it. But it certainly was not an easy work. Fortunately, later the idea of the project “Hollywood Non-Stop” emerged. As a result the audience was presented well known soundtracks from Hollywood movies, such us “Die Another Day,” “The Lord of the Rings," "The Return of the King,” “Star Wars,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Mission Impossible,” “Westside Story,” “Brave Heart,” “An American in Paris,” “Romeo & Juliet,” “Jurassic Park”, etc. Numerous concerts were held in Yerevan and marzes which united more than 10000listeners. 

The next concert series was "Cartoon Non Stop" during which the audience was presented soundtracks from famous and favorite cartoons. These concerts especially devoted to children were again accepted with great enthusiasm.   

Then, succeeded "Hayfilm Non Stop" the program of which included the soundtracks of famous Armenian films. It is worth to mention this project initiated the restoration and digitalization of all the scores of soundtracks that had mostly not been recorded. Moreover, recording of all the performed compositions will provide the security to save the compositions and to escape any obstructions in supplying the materials to future generation. This was, indeed, a very important achievement. 


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