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On September 21 the Republic of Armenia is going to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its independence. In this regard a concert dedicated to this remarkable event will be held on the same day. But contrary to all the expectations it is not going to become the another regular concert: it was decided that the young independent country should celebrate the most important day in its history with no one else, but the ones who are coevals with it, the ones who were born and lives in a sovereign and independent country. The author and the initiator of the grand project and its implementer is the Armenian conductor Sergey Smbatyan.

His idea is to unite around a single event numerous talented young Armenian musicians and singers from different regions of Armenia and Artsakh. In this regard, a Pan-Armenian orchestra and chorus entitled "Generation of Independence" was initiated. By uniting talented musicians, living and studying in Armenian regions, the "Generation of Independence" will provide the latters an opportunity to become a part of one of the most important events for the country.

The project is unique as it will unite on the same stage 700 musicians - the representatives of the generation of independence who will perform pieces by Armenian composers of different periods (both of years of independence and early periods) and the ones, composed specially for the concert evening.    

The implementation of such a large-scale project requires a tremendous long-term preparatory work. Professional classes are scheduled to improve the performance skills of the young musicians in the regions and in Yerevan. Later, all the participants of the program will meet in Yerevan within the framework of the general rehearsals.

The best representatives of the young generation of Armenian musicians will be invited to Yerevan to become a part of this music festive. They are the ones who honorably represent our country in international arenas throughout the history of independent Armenia.

Thus, the project will bring together more than 700 musicians-participants from Armenia and Artsakh, 50 teachers, 10 soloists, around 1100 master-classes for the musicians from the regions and 350 group rehearsals will be held during the preparation period.

The long-term goal of the project is to identify the potential of young musicians of Armenia and Artsakh, raise the level of the performance skills through the workshops and involve talented young musicians in different national and international programs in future.


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