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Opening the last conference for the Malta International Music Festival Alan Chircop. Artistic Director of the Festival and of the European Foundation for the Support of Culture thanked the Press for being present and for having supported the Festival over the past two weeks. He introduced the personalities on the podium that included the legendary composer Krzysztof Penderecki, whose composition Chaconne in memoria di Giovanni Paolo II is being performed during the evening’s concert, his wife Elżbieta, artistic director of the Beethoven Easter Festival in Warsaw and part of the artistic board of the present festival, composers Alexey Shor and Georgs Pēlecis whose compositions were performed during the festival and Ana Ter-Hovakinyan, director of the Armenian State Symphony Orchestra. This was followed by a number of video clips presenting the work of each one of these personalities. Alexey Shor said that the Festival had brought together many world-class musicians. He feels very proud and honoured to have his works performed alongside those of so many great composers. He had special words of praise for the Armenian State Symphony Orchestra and its conductor that over the period of sixteen days had played twelve different programmes during the evening concerts and six piano concertos in one afternoon for the final session of the International Piano Competition that fell within the Festival. This opinion was shared by everybody present. Ana Ter-Hovakinyan said that it has not been easy for the Orchestra but everybody she spoke to had expressed their satisfaction with the performances and at the end of two weeks she can say that it has been a pleasure to be here. It has also been an opportunity for the orchestra to perform with great artists and she hopes to meet in Malta another time. On her part Elżbieta Penderecka said that the Festival was lucky to have had such a fine orchestra and such a fine conductor for such a long period of time since she knows from experience that this is not easy. Smbatyan had often performed during the Beethoven Festival. Pendercki sympathised with the orchestra for its heavy schedule. He commented favourably on the conducting of Smbatyan calling him an “open conductor”. Elżbieta Penderecka said that since this was her first time at the Festival and she has not had time to form any impression but going by the programme she thinks that it is impressive. Commenting on the role of festivals in gerneral she said that it is important for a festival to look for new talent and present new names. The festival director should give young people the opportunity to play and conduct works by young composers. It is important to combine classical composers and established performers with the new. Winners of competitions should be engaged straightaway. She also looks for new audiences especially the young. Responding to a comment from the floor she said that she has no problems with either the older or the younger generation. She gives free entrance tickets to concerts to all students, not just music students She believes that one needs to talk to the audience, to give them the possibility to meet and talk to the artists. The media, she continued, can do a great job to get the young audience. Pendercki said that with just one visit he does not feel competent to tell others what to do and how to do it. He thinks that the organisation is good and people should come to the Festival not just for the music. Asked about any influences on his compositions Penderecki said that he does not feel that he has been influenced by any other composer, except Bach, whom he regards as the grandfather of music and from whom he learnt how to approach music. He wants his music to be new, but it is not complicated and it is easy to listen to. Latvian composer Georg Pelēcis said that this is the first time that he came across Malta and its culture, but his musical impression is very bright. As to his relation with Armenian culture Pelēcis within the context of Armenian Culture Days in Malta, Pelēcis feels very close to Armenia and its culture since he studied with Khachaturian . His music was performed in Armenia and he thinks that the Armenian State Symphony Orchestra’s performance of his music was excellent. Finally as artisitic director of the Festival Alan Chircop was aksed to make a general comment Mr Chircop said that he feels very satisfied and honoured to be part of and to have given his contribution to the Festival. He was particularly grateful to Mr Ishkanov, President of the Foundation, for giving him this possibility. He regards the Festival as a big opportunity for Malta: the number of events, the names and various events have grown enormously over the past six years. When thinking of the future and of the Festival’s sustainability he is inspired by persons like Elżbieta Penderecka whose Beethoven Festival has been going on for 22 years. The local audience is not big, but people are already asking about next year’s edition of the Festival, and although the past weeks have been exhausting tomorrow they will be planning the next edition. The Festival has also been a great opportunity for him to meet so many great persons in the music world – artists, composers, festival organisers. He feels very proud of the Festival’s and the Foundation’s role in promoting young talent. It is very rewarding for him to be part of this team and he thanked everybody for their contribution. However small it has been very important. He also thanked the media that has been present throughout the festival and augured that their memories of their Malta experience will remain positive. Finally he reminded those present of the evening’s performance which will feature clarinettist Andreas Ottensamer and works by Prokofiev, Penderecki, Camilleri and Shor.

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